Theresa May MP Home Secretary - EXPLOSIVE - Met Police Chief Bernard Hogan-Howe Bribery Case

The Carroll Foundation Trust Criminal Case - Largest Organised Criminal Conspiracy and Corruption Case - $ One Billion Dollars
$ Embezzlement of Funds Criminal Liquidation of Assets on a World Wide basis

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Theresa May MP Home Secretary - "Pressure Mounts" - $1,000,000,000 Organised Crime Syndicate - Carroll Trust - Met Police Chief Bernard Hogan-Howe Bribery Corruption Case

UK Government high level sources have confirmed that pressure is now mounting on the Home Secretary Theresa May MP. This follows on from serious ongoing concerns which are being expressed by White House and Kremlin aides to both President Obama and President Putin surrounding the latest shocking revelations in the Carroll Trust case. The UK Attorney General Britain's most senior law enforcement officer is known to be conducting dangerous obstruction offences which are continuing to exasperate the current circumstances of the primary victims who are known to be currently the subject of close protection and security arrangements following ongoing violent attacks in central London locations.